Police Planner’s Career Day! Partnership with Arizona State Univeristy

Members are invited to attend a Police Planners Career Day at Arizona State University in Downtown Phoenix on Tuesday November 6th around the lunch hour. We will be highlighting the many roles and responsibilities we hold in law enforcement professions with students. Bring along posters, annual reports, sample proposals and any […]

2018 Meeting Recap

The Southwest Chapter is looking to update our Chapter Bylaws. We are looking for 3-5 volunteers to review and bring forward any changes to the Chapter for a vote of approval. In our first quarterly meeting a few things were discussed to include in the bylaws. To be consistent with […]

IALEP Southwest

2018: First Quarterly Meeting Coming Up! Mark your calendars – the first quarterly IALEP Southwest Meeting will be held on March 20, in Scottsdale, AZ. Watch this site for the agenda! Pictured above – the Southwest Board, webmaster, and a student intern met to discuss topics and goals for 2018. […]