2018 Meeting Recap

The Southwest Chapter is looking to update our Chapter Bylaws. We are looking for 3-5 volunteers to review and bring forward any changes to the Chapter for a vote of approval. In our first quarterly meeting a few things were discussed to include in the bylaws. To be consistent with the IALEP bylaw changes we discussed an option for a student membership. In addition, two-year terms for the board was suggested. If you are interested in being a member of this committee please email Cassie Johnson, IALEP SW President.

In addition, the Chapter will be offering an opportunity to assist members in attending the IALEP Annual Conference in El Paso, TX this September. If you would like to be entered in to a random drawing for your registration fees to be covered by the Chapter, please send your interest to Cassie with approval to attend from your chain of command. In the past we only asked for your interest however, we had difficulty finding a winner who was approved to attend the conference. The drawing is only for the cost of registration – no other travel costs are included.

If you have a case study or a topic that you would like to showcase how about providing a webinar through our partnership with Justice Clearinghouse? If you haven’t already created your account don’t wait! IALEP sponsored webinars are starting in a few months are there are many other topics that are covered on a regular basis. The Exchange included a list of topics that are scheduled over the next few months.

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